Claudia Eng
iOS Dev - NYC

Web Design &

Need a Full-Stack Web Developer?

Let's talk about your needs. Here is a breakdown of the process:

Clear Idea Communication | Prototyping | Minimum Viable Product

⇢ Extensive talks surrounding your desired concept and product
⇢ Agreement on initial budget and up-front payment (adjustments are immediately billed)
⇢ Design prototypes
⇢ MVP development made through a design/development mix


⇢ Fast-paced development cycle
⇢ Constant technology updates, or as often as requested by client
⇢ Features can be tested as they are developed
⇢ Healthy feedback loop

Marketing | Launch | Continued Updates Cycle

⇢ Marketing consulting and launch services available
⇢ Updates comprise a repetition of the steps above


⇢ Up-front development and other service costs (no exceptions)
⇢ Open to equity parternships for unique and meaningful ideas


Contact for freelance and collaboration opportunities. Use the contact form or reach out directly.
New York, NY
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